Friday, May 30, 2008

Hi there

Ok I guess its time to get off my ass and spend 30 seconds a night keeping everyone updated on my fairly eventful life. Its bonus season around EA and although we didn't hit our numbers enough for the suits to dole out the big moneys, my bonus was bigger than I expected. I think its finally iPhone season! I also got a promotion and a decent raise, which was very welcome.

The project is going great, I'm having a blast and dying to post some of the art I have been up to for the last 2+ years! Its stressful having to keep it all locked away, even the project I was on before it still miles away from release, keep checking back SOMEDAY it'll all be posted here.

Yoko and I just got back from our 6 year wedding anniversary last weekend, man time flies. We went and saw the Beatles "LOVE" Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas and went hiking up in Zion National Forest in Utah, which was stunning. The pics are all on my other machine, maybe I can post some this weekend. We had a great time, we've been together for 8 years and it kinda just keeps getting better. I guess I'm a pretty lucky guy.

It turns out one of the other concept artists at work has a Japanese wife who is friends with Yoko's best friend.... The world really is small, these sort of situations just never stop popping up! My old painting buddy Spinner just contacted me out of the blue, I havent seen him in at least 6-7 years, the internet is amazing for keeping up with old friendships, its been great catching up with him again, even if only virtually! I look forward to communication only becoming faster and easier through the internet over the next couple of years, time is speeding up exponentially, I can feel it. For better and for worse, I feel that to save the planet man will have to leave it soon to orbit around in space while it heals itself without this virus called humanity!

I'm REALLY REAALYYYY going to start updating regularly. I'm gonna find a way to link this thing to my facebook account too, that ought to help keep me on top of it. Later!