Saturday, February 9, 2008


So the guys at work finally broke down after my endless begging and bought me a Cintiq, which for those of you who dont know is basically a Wacom tablet with a screen built into it so you just draw directly onto the screen. I've been using the normal tablets for over 10 years, and never realized just how much guesswork goes into drawing because its not ever directly 1:1, and there is really a ton of guesswork as to where a line or stroke is going to end up.

Everything changed, after two days of drawing directly on my screen then painting, I can get decent line work without the entire process of scanning my pencil work, plus all the benefits of doing your drawing on layers and being editable in chunks from the get go. And even painting, again, I literally have been painting on tablets for 12 years and it all changed in one day, its just so much more direct and engaging to paint right on screen. I tried painting and drawing at home again the other night on my old little intuos 2 and it was just killing me, there is no going back! Now all I need is 2grand to buy the big one at home...