Thursday, May 31, 2007

Surfing IS RAD

I'm going again tomorrow morning. Teh awesome.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So I finally caught it. The surfing bug. I kinda always knew it was on my horizon since I have been down here, it just really took one day of surfing with a pro, my buddy Bruce, to feel it and get desperate to do it again! ITS LIKE CRACK, THE FIRST TIME CAN HOOK YOU. Plus its bonus season at EA. I broke down yesterday and bought a beautiful new Malibu style long board, I was infatuated, absolute love at first sight. Kinda like a big beautiful piece of candy!

Tomorrow morning is her inaugural voyage into the Pacific Ocean at Venice beach before work, can't wait!

This man may be insane but he's a damn good artist and a damn good surfer.

Santa Monica Beach

Arizona Adventures chapter 1

So we (Grampa, Yoko and I) drove out to Arizona this weekend for a baby filled adventure. We stayed at Megan and Travis' house, and got to meet their beautiful new baby girl Piper! So cute, and farts better than even me. Awesome. We also got to see Joel and Janelle, who have doubled in capacity since the last time I saw them with little Nathan and fresh from the oven baby Mia, who is almost exactly one week younger than Piper! After that it was great to see my old friends, Joels folks Doug and Lisa, everybody lives within 10 minutes of each other. Its so good to see everyone doing well, enjoying the Arizona sunshine which would cook me within 6 minutes if I ever actually lived there. But from the sounds of if 4 of 6 Arizonans are looking forward to life back up in the cold north here sooner than later.

We saw a bunch of other crazy shit this weekend too but too much shit going on to organize all the pics and post them right now. Stay tuned.

Long weekend

Just got back last night from a long weekend in Phoenix with Megan and Travis, and Joel and Janelle, and Doug and Lisa, pictures to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Megan and Travis gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Piper! We're thinking of heading out there this weekend to welcome her into this crazy world!

China will kill us all

Due to rapid industrialization and continued population growth, China will need an extra 200 million tons of grain per year by 2030, an amount equal to the export capacity of the entire world in 1997.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I love Halo3

But I can't believe no one is playing the beta. I have over 50 friends on Xbox Live and at most I have seen two people playing the beta. Wtf? September can't come soon enough.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crazy hike

Today Yoko and I went hiking in Malibu, up to a MASSIVE mansion that burned down in the mid 80's. It must have been sooooome house, and now its just burned out ruins next to a beautiful little river high up in the mountains. I guess there used to be an exotic zoo up there too, with rhinos and giraffes etc, wonder if there are any left in the woods...

On the way home we saw a jet skiier just chilling with a whole huge pod of dolphins, that was really cool.

Then I came home and played hours of Halo 3 with Dominick in Montreal instead of doing a painting I was all inspired for this morning. Its Sunday!!


I have an interview about the art of Rez coming up in this book on shelves now(ish)


Lately and for the near future I will be painting on Saturdays with friends all around LA on our laptops! Digital Landscape painting, its RAD. Couple of extra batteries and some Gatorade and you can paint all day. Great practice and a perfect way to spend a sunny saturday. This week we just noodled around in class but will be getting out more starting next week.

This plant is nice, I like it a lot. And walking by this apartment the lighting was great so I am going to do a painting of it this week.

And lastly for today, here's a pic of my boys from Art Center Raj and Bacon. A handful but these two are the only reason I lived through Art Center.

And REALLY LASTLY I had an AWESOME meeting with Spielberg on Friday, our project is going really well and he loved the work I did, that was a memorable moment, a very good day!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Endless fun

I love my Mac. A source of endless entertainment.


SO me and Darren hustled out of work early today to go see a sneak preview of TRANSFORMERSSSS AWESOMMEEEE

We hustled all the way to Hollywood in rush hour traffic and met Raj and Bruce and Evan and got a table at cinespace which is a theater/fancy restaurant, had some grubbin food, listened to writer Clint Dille and the director of the new Transformers game talk all about the new movie...

THEN THEY SHOWED THE OLD TRANSFORMERS FROM 1983 OR WHATEVER THE HELL. DOOD WTF seriously. Everyone got pissed off at ME and left. Me and Danny B sat til the end and enjoyed every minute of it. Total classic. Sort of..

I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, it did seem a little early for a full screening, the film doesn't come out until July 4th..

This picture is one of my best friends from High school Hannah's little girl Tyler. SO CUTE. Looks just like her, so crazy!! EVERYONE BREEDING. Need pictures of Megs little one here soon! Trav get to it!

Tokyo Structure

Tokyo is one of my favorite places on earth. Every square inch has been designed to serve some function. Its absolutely incredible. If I had spare time I would make a book based on all the amazing structured nooks and crannies, maybe someday I will. Til then, here's a page from my future book...

Death Mountain Deliverance

This was my entry to the I am 8-BIT gallery this year, the show was a total success and I have been so busy I didn't even check yet to see if it sold. I hope so!

This piece was based on the moment I first stormed Death Mountain to face the wicked Gannon in the original Legend of Zelda in the summer of 1987, I'll never forget that moment, and here it is IMMORTALIZED FOR ALL TIME. Wicked.


SO, I can't log into my old blog anymore because god knows why and I am tired of it so I started a new one. Fuck you technology! Stupid internets.

So I got this new phone and the camera is 2 megapixel which actually takes decent 640x480 pictures so I decided I am going to take a picture a day of something cool and put it in this blog, so I'm SURE EXCITED.

In other news, I waited all day for tha Halo 3 beta and finally got it but loading takes forever and any map besides Snowbound gets ALMOST loaded then tells me the disk is dirty and it kicks me out. Even though it is playing off my hard drive. Again, fuck you technology! You can beat me around the head and neck day in and day out but you can never take my pen and paper away from me! Jokes on you, SUCKA!!

So todays picture is of my new teammate at work, a programmer from France named Pierre. I shit you not. He is one dirty bird, been bringing him round the pub to hang with my boys lately, he's a riot.

AND, because this is the historic first day of this blog, a BONUS picture, of Yoko and a burrito as big as her head! WOO HOOOO

Also, a lovely tree I painted.