Sunday, August 26, 2007

Recovery week

Its been a slow to fast recovery from the surgery. The first couple of days SUCKED, worse than I would have imagined, but then quickly got way better. I ended up going home early my first day back to work and worked from home the next, but have gotten progressively better since. My good buddy Dave from San Francisco came down fridy night and last night I had my first REAL big meal since the surgery, we had Japanese BBQ and lots of beer, and I feel fine so thats good.

Bunch of changes happening at work, nothing definite yet but may be swapping teams to something that I would really enjoy, working with good friends, so that would be really cool. I'll post news as it happens.

It rained today! And yesterday! For like 20 minutes altogether. I can't remember the last time we had rain. Seriously. I think it was probably like January or February, I honestly can't even recall when it was. Its been drier than usual this year, but I can't help chuckle to think how used to it I have gotten, everyone up north scarcely knows a week without rain at least once, the very idea I simply cannot recall the last time it rained here is funny. Its actually been a beautiful cool windy slightly rainy sunday here in Santa Monica, I have spent the majority of it on my ass on the couch reading through Harry Potters last adventure, it reminds me of a Seattle sunday!

Monday, August 20, 2007


SO I finally had my gallstone removal surgery last week, was hopped up on pain pills all weekend, finally feeling a bit better but over did it today by going to work and trying to sit in a chair all day. I think tomorrow I am going to try to work from home where I can take frequent lay down flat breaks.

Surgery sucks! Even though it went smoothly recovery is taking longer than I expected, and I feel like an old man, tired, cranky, and slow. Haven't updated the page at all, I will start posting some of the art and stuff I have been up to soon.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Happy Birthday Yoko!!

Last weekend Yoko and I drove 3 hours up north to the Sequoia National Forest for Yoko's birthday! Its all she wanted for her birthday so I couldn't refuse. Besides we have a brand new tent we hadn't even used yet. Around here all the hype is like Tahoe and especially Yosemite, (which IS stunning) so I hadn't heard much about Sequoia, but it turned out to be amazing. We went and saw General Sherman, a 2000 year old Giant Sequoia tree, the LARGEST LIVING THING IN THE WORLD and damn it was BIG. Pictures don't really do it any justice, seriously the branches at the top were as big as normal oak trees. I couldn't believe it. It was humbling.

This is just an average Giant Sequioa, not even as big as General Sherman.

With the blue blue sky reflecting into so many of the plants and rocks later in the afternoon the colors were absolutely stunning.

John Muir called this beautiful little meadow the "Jewel of the Sierra's"

Yoko shows a giant tree just how much she loves it.

These pictures honestly don't do it any justice. I had never seen a tree even close to so big before.

The water is a little swimming hole upstream from our camp site was sure, a bit cold. I came out screaming the first time I dived in. But the second time it started to feel reeeeeeeaaalllly refreshing and good, I swam with the trout and dived around for about 15 minutes. My skin was pretty cold and clammy for the next hour or so...

Yoko wasn't so keen on the refreshing frigid water. In and right back out!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hey out there

I have no idea whatsoever if ANYONE is even looking at this thing, so I just changed the permissions so anyone can leave a comment on any post.

Please do!